Open.Tech belongs to a new wave of cooperative initiatives that aspire to become part of an alternative way of production. As a social cooperative enterprise, it has a social purpose and operates in a democratic way under the principle “one member-one vote”. However, it also has a commercial nature, i.e., it is an enterprise. Its social purpose concerns the effort to promote a cooperative and organizational working form, as well as the establishment of a working model in which the contradictions between intellectual and manual, administrative and executive, pleasant-creative and monotonous-tedious-unhealthy work gradually diminish.

The main purpose of the enterprise is the emancipation of its members through the adoption of a dynamic way of living, working and learning. The enterprise belongs to the creative sector in the realm of knowledge-intensive businesses. Another important feature that strengthens its social purpose is the fact that it deals with the crucial area of web technologies, the development of which can affect in a positive way and promote all enterprises of the private and the public sector in a local economy.

Special reference should be made to Open Source technologies. Open Hardware and Open Source Software change the established standards rapidly. The web is a revolutionary means that creates forms that correspond to its features. Open Source technologies shrink the dependence on large software production companies. They create alternative ways for the spread of knowledge, as well as technological innovation, cooperation, production and distribution.

Our activities and the services we provide intend to make the world a better place. What we want is to spread this notion. For this reason, we support companies that share our values.

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