Alternative Workshop


Εναλλακτικό Εργαστήρι

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Project Description
The Alternative Workshop is a very special project. A unique case in Greece. A group of people with ideals and a dream for a society governed by humanity, solidarity, cooperation, creativity and mutual support met and decided to give material form to these values. They thought of taking the initiative to create a space where, centred on the free and selfless exchange of knowledge, all members of the local community, freely and without restrictions, would be welcome to interact not only as teachers and learners, but above all as fellow citizens, fellow human beings and friends, thus building and learning together a way of coexistence that honours the good of life, does not degrade it into a pathetic struggle for survival of all against all, but recognises and strives to enshrine the right of every human being to enjoy and cultivate his or her talents and abilities in harmony within the appropriate social environment. For the Alternative Workshop we have created a comprehensive website where news is announced, announcements are made about the courses and it is possible for an interested person to contact the initiative's leaders directly.
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