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Giorgos Nikopoulos

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Project Description
Baubo Productions is the website we created for George Nikopoulos in order to showcase his activity. George was born in 1987 in Veria and grew up in Katerini. He has been involved in music since he was a child, releasing the stimuli that his family gave him. He studied Audio and Visual Arts at the Ionian University, where he was mainly involved in animation and performing arts. Laughter originally had a sacred or ritualistic character, as several myths and festive customs of antiquity testify. Let us recall that in Greece, as in Egypt, the very creation of the world was once attributed to divine laughter - the 'unquenchable laughter' of the gods, as Homer calls it (Il. I, 599). Let us recall Bavo, the rude but hospitable woman of Eleusis, who with an unseemly gesture provokes the laughter of Demeter - despairing for the loss of Persephone - who then only agrees to drink the magic cup (hence the conjecture that the drinking of the cup in the Eleusinian mysteries took place after a ritual outburst of laughter)...
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