Liana Vrachlioti


Λιάνα Βραχλιώτη

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Project Description
Liana Vrachlioti was born in 1957. She lived her childhood in Athens and Corfu. She studied biology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and worked in the prevention of Mediterranean anaemia and in secondary education. She lives in Corfu. He has been writing and tearing since childhood. She stopped tearing in 2003, when her first book -Blue aprons white ribbons- was published by Epsilon Publications. In 2006 her second book -I will not cry- was published by Gavriilides in 2006. And in 2008 her third book -Histories of the female gender- was published by the same publishing house. Her latest book from Dioni Publications is "The snail's antennae" which started its journey in October 2014. We created a website focusing on her writing efforts. There you can find all the information available about the books she has published.
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